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Russian President Vladimir Putin marking Russia's Day of National Unity in Red Square in central Moscow, on Saturday.
WORLD / Politics
Nov 6, 2023
Putin’s move to secure Libya bases is new regional worry for U.S.
Such a move poses new threats to Washington and the EU, which are already occupied with Ukraine and the Kremlin's posturing in the Middle East.
Search and rescue volunteers in Derna, Libya, on Tuesday.
WORLD / Society
Sep 20, 2023
Journalists ordered out of flood-hit Libyan city after protests
An official in the administration that runs eastern Libya said that the decision to move journalists was unrelated to the protests there overnight.
A car sits precariously above debris in Libya's eastern city of Derna on Monday following deadly flash floods.
WORLD / Society
Sep 19, 2023
A week after floods, Libyans haunted by fate of the missing
Thousands are dead and thousands more missing. Officials using different methodologies have given widely varying figures of the tolls.
A car is buried in rubble and debris in the aftermath of a devastating flood in al-Bayda, Libya, on Saturday.
WORLD / Science & Health / FOCUS
Sep 17, 2023
'They knew': Warnings went unheeded before deadly Libya flood
Many Libyans are angry that warnings were ignored that could have possibly prevented the worst disaster in the country's modern history.
Rescuers gather on Thursday amid the rubble of buildings damaged or leveled in flash floods after a Mediterranean storm hit the eastern Libyan city of Derna.
WORLD / Society
Sep 15, 2023
Most Libya flood casualties could have been avoided, U.N. says
With better functioning coordination in the country, the human toll could have been far smaller, the U.N.'s World Meteorological Organization has said.
People look on at what remains of Derna, Libya, on Thursday.
WORLD / Society
Sep 15, 2023
Libyans come together for flood aid effort despite conflict
Inside Derna, where a torrent washed away whole districts, volunteers from Misrata, Tripoli and Benghazi were distributing clothes and food packages.
Members of rescue teams from the Egyptian army carry a body as they walk through mud between buildings destroyed by flooding in Derna, Libya, on Wednesday.
WORLD / Society
Sep 14, 2023
Libyan flood survivor recounts horror in Derna after dams burst
'We walked out barefoot and saw our friends and neighbors dying around us,' said Ruba Hatem Yassine. 'And we couldn’t do anything.'
A man stands next to a damaged car in Derna, after a powerful storm and heavy rainfall hit Libya on Tuesday.
WORLD / Society
Sep 13, 2023
Over 5,000 dead in Libya as dam collapses worsen flood disaster
Libya, a North African nation splintered by a war, was ill-prepared for the storm, which swept across the Mediterranean Sea to batter its coastline.
Destroyed vehicles and damaged buildings in the eastern city of Benghazi, Libya, on Monday
Sep 12, 2023
Libya flood leaves 2,000 dead and thousands missing
Videos of Derna showed a wide torrent running through the city center where a far narrower waterway had previously flowed.
Japan Times
Jun 4, 2023
Putin gains influence in oil-rich Libya as U.S. struggles to oust Wagner Group
The developments have prompted concern in the U.S., which has dispatched a slew of senior officials to counter Putin’s advances in the OPEC member.
Japan Times
Dec 13, 2022
Lockerbie bombing suspect appears briefly in U.S. court
Abu Agila Mohammad Mas'ud Kheir Al-Marimi, 71, appeared in court just days after being captured in Libya.
Japan Times
Dec 12, 2022
Lockerbie plane bombing suspect taken into U.S. custody
Court documents described Abu Agila Mohammad Mas'ud Kheir Al-Marimi as an expert bombmaker who joined Libya's External Security Organization intelligence service in the 1970s.
Japan Times
Aug 29, 2022
New fighting in Tripoli: Untangling the crisis in Libya
When fighting erupted between two groups on Friday, factions aligned with Fathy Bashagha began mounting what looked like coordinated attacks in a new effort to install him in the capital.
Japan Times
Aug 28, 2022
Libya's Tripoli quiet after worst fighting in two years
Fighting has raised fears of a wider conflict in Libya over the political standoff between forces loyal to a parliament-backed administration and those of the Tripoli-based government.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics / FOCUS
Jul 26, 2022
What became of the Arab Spring?
As the birthplace — and sole success story — of the uprisings against autocratic rule looks set to revert to dictatorship, here's a glance at other countries swept up in the movement.
Japan Times
Mar 1, 2021
UAE steps back from foreign wars as Biden reasserts Middle East role
The U.S. president has sought to re-engage Iran, and has signaled he'll be less tolerant of U.S. allies engaging in conflicts that undermine Washington's objectives.
Japan Times
Feb 26, 2021
Libya cleared to host international soccer games after ban lifted
A decade-long ban on international soccer matches being played in Libya has been lifted, the country’s soccer federation said on Thursday.
Japan Times
Dec 27, 2020
Turkey warns Libya's Hifter and supporters against attacking its forces
Turkey is the main foreign backer of Libya's internationally recognized government based in Tripoli, which for years has been fighting Hifter's Libyan National Army.
Japan Times
Sep 4, 2020
Waves of Russian and Emirati flights fuel Libyan war, U.N. finds
As war raged in Libya last winter, a dozen world leaders gathered in Berlin to talk peace. The contradictions surrounding the conference were no secret: Many of the global leaders who pledged to end foreign meddling in Libya’s conflict were themselves fueling it.
Japan Times
Jul 23, 2020
Turkey warns Egypt over Libya and lashes out at Macron’s role
Turkey warned Egypt against any deployment of forces in the Libyan civil war and sharply criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s role, highlighting the threat of escalating violence and geopolitical rivalries in the oil-rich country.


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