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Jera's thermal power station in Hekinan, Aichi Prefecture, recently started co-firing coal with 20% of ammonia, a technology supported by the government's "green transformation," or GX, policy.
Apr 7, 2024
Is Japan’s green transformation investing in the past or future?
Japan issued its first green transformation bonds, but the policy breathes new life into fossil fuel-based projects rather than pulling the plug on them.
Drivers in California’s Marin County rely on a single hydrogen fueling station.
Apr 6, 2024
Few stations and $200 to fill up: Life on California’s ‘hydrogen highway’
Fuel shortages and soaring prices have stalled the adoption of hydrogen cars — but proponents aren’t throwing in the towel.
An ammonia tank at JERA's Hekinan thermal power station in Aichi prefecture. JERA and Exxon Mobil will jointly work on a low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia production project in the United States.
BUSINESS / Companies
Mar 25, 2024
JERA and Exxon to explore development of hydrogen and ammonia production project in U.S.
Exxon is developing what is expected to be the world's largest low-carbon hydrogen production plant at its Baytown Complex east of Houston in Texas.
Solar panels on display at PV Expo in Tokyo on Wednesday. Japan's "transition bonds" will cover cutting-edge solar cells, as well as more controversial projects.
Mar 3, 2024
Japan wants cash for its green transition. But what are investors actually backing?
"Transition bonds" are intended to fund a wide variety of net-zero projects, but it's not clear all of them will actually help with decarbonization.
A Honda CR-V e:FCEV on display at H2 & FC Expo in Tokyo on Wednesday
BUSINESS / Companies
Feb 28, 2024
Honda to sell plug-in hydrogen vehicle in North America, Japan
Japan's second-largest carmaker hopes to ease drivers’ anxiety over finding hydrogen stations by adding electric recharging capabilities.
The engine of a Honda Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle is displayed during its unveiling in Tokyo in March 2016.
BUSINESS / Companies
Jan 26, 2024
Honda and GM fuel cell venture launches commercial production
Fuel cell technology offers the promise of replicating the hauling power and fast refueling of heavy diesel engines in ways batteries cannot match.
A hydrogen storage tank and loading system at a liquefied hydrogen receiving terminal in Kobe
BUSINESS / Economy
Nov 27, 2023
U.K. concerned about Japan’s co-firing plans to curb emissions
The move 'prolongs the life of coal plants and leads to emissions,' said the head of climate change and energy at the British Embassy in Tokyo.
Coffee is served from a Toyota-developed fuel cell food truck at an event in Hita, Oita Prefecture, in October.
BUSINESS / Tech / Regional voices: Chubu
Nov 13, 2023
Toyota's fuel cell vehicles include food trucks and mobile offices
The carmaker is offering a variety of ways to utilize FCVs by taking advantage of their lack of tailpipe emissions and ability to generate electricity.
Toyota said it is conducting trials of a vehicle powered by actual hydrogen gas in Australia.
BUSINESS / Companies
Nov 12, 2023
Toyota trials hydrogen-powered vehicle on public roads in Australia
The Australian field tests come as Toyota seeks to popularize actual hydrogen gas as a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels.
The Suiso Frontier hydrogen carrier, built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, in January 2022.
Nov 10, 2023
Tokyo and Seoul to set up hydrogen and ammonia supply chain: report
Japan and South Korea, both highly dependent on energy imports, plan to work together to negotiate prices and volumes.
Wan Gang during the Munich Motor Show on Wednesday
Sep 7, 2023
China’s EV strategy architect sees future for hydrogen vehicles
Fuel-cell vehicles will be key especially in China’s northwest, where distances between cities are long and electric-car adoption remains low, he said.
Mitsui, Japan's biggest ammonia importer, will conduct a joint study with three other companies on establishing a hydrogen and ammonia supply chain through the Osaka coastal industrial zone.
Aug 30, 2023
Trading and energy firms tie up to study Osaka fuel supply chains
Hydrogen and ammonia, which do not emit carbon dioxide when burning, are an important part of Japan's energy security strategy.
Solar panels at a proof-of-concept site for green hydrogen production in Vredendal, South Africa
Aug 25, 2023
The key to greening heavy industry
If the world’s vast ocean resources can be tapped directly to produce hydrogen, there will be no holding back the green transition.
A young girl drinks water from a faucet in Bamako. At a site just 55 kilometers from Mali's capital city, pure hydrogen gas seeps from the ground like crude oil or methane.
Aug 1, 2023
Natural hydrogen could change the world, if we understood it
We know next to nothing about how natural hydrogen is produced, let alone how to extract and transport it most efficiently.
The engine of a Toyota Motor's Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
BUSINESS / Companies
Jul 25, 2023
Taxi firm’s hydrogen cell experience highlights fuel’s pitfalls
It’s not that there’s anything wrong specifically with the cars, good looking midsized sedans with Lexus-level luxury. Rather, it’s the high cost of hydrogen.
Japan Times
Jul 10, 2023
Yamaha president backs hydrogen as green fuel option for carbon neutrality
Japan’s automotive industry employs 5.5 million people, and has long advocated a multistrategy approach toward decarbonization aiming to sustain existing manufacturers and suppliers.
Japan Times
Jul 6, 2023
Spain wants to be a green energy hub, but risks moving too fast
Trailing only the United States, Spain is home to almost one in every five strategic hydrogen projects around the world.
Japan Times
Jun 30, 2023
With plenty of clean energy, Brazil aims for green hydrogen export market
The South American country is poised to take advantage of the moment as global demand for green hydrogen is on the verge of major growth.
Japan Times
Jun 9, 2023
Dismal sales undercut Toyota and Hyundai as they push hydrogen fuel-cell cars
Such vehicles accounted for only 0.02% of global passenger vehicle sales last year, according to a report, with sales dropping in Toyota's home market.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Jun 6, 2023
Japan to invest ¥15 trillion in hydrogen supply for decarbonization
The country also plans to increase its hydrogen supply sixfold from the current level of 2 million tons to around 12 million tons by 2040.


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