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Japan Times
Mar 9, 2020
Eco-friendly gift-giving in a society that's overwrapped
We're all trying to do our best to help the environment, but some efforts may take more than just buying something with the word 'eco' attached to it.
Japan Times
Dec 10, 2019
Stop with the gifting and just give
The most wonderful time of the year has developed an irritating verbal tic.
Sep 18, 2018
Japan returns confiscated souvenirs from North Korea to Korean school students
The government has returned souvenirs from North Korea seized at an airport to the Korean school students in Japan to whom they belonged, sources familiar with the matter said Monday.
Japan Times
Sep 5, 2018
Government eyeing rework of 'hometown tax donation' system to curb use of gifts
The government is considering reworking furusato nōzei (hometown tax donation), a system that allows taxpayers who typically live in urban areas to make donations to rural areas in exchange for tax credit, officials said Wednesday.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Media / Japan Pulse
Feb 10, 2018
Gift-giving etiquette in Japan is driving some recipients crazy
With spring looming, perhaps it’s time to re-think the national obsession with seasonal gifts and souvenirs.
Japan Times
Oct 27, 2016
Decorated apples to be sent off to France
Apples featuring images of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and French President Francois Hollande were packed in Aomori Prefecture on Thursday to be shipped as a gift to the French leader and others.
Japan Times
Sep 8, 2016
Cats take over second installment of biannual Gift Show
The focus of this year's Tokyo International Gift Show is an animal that has become a purring and recurring issue in the news recently: cats.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Japan Pulse
Dec 4, 2014
#pulsepresents: gift idea grab bag
Gifts ideas for all stripes of Japanophiles.
Japan Times
CULTURE / Art / Japan Pulse
Dec 12, 2012
Christmas gift ideas 2012
Presents for your friends or a little something for yourself? Japan Pulse and The JT have you covered.
Japan Times
Feb 4, 2011
Strawberries: The gift that keeps on growing
In Japan, there are the kind of the strawberries that you buy for yourself, and there are the GIANT strawberries that you give as gifts.
LIFE / Lifestyle / Japan Pulse
Jun 15, 2010
Japan by the numbers (06.15.10)
Big in Japan: iPads, computer skills and whiskey. Not so big: brushing teeth at work, going to the theater for 3-D.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Japan Pulse
Jun 12, 2010
Giving the gift of experience
Why give Dad another tie when you could give him the gift of experience?


Akiko Trush says her experience with the neurological disorder dystonia left her feeling like she wanted to chop her own hand off.
The neurological disorder that 'kills culture'