World / Social Issues May 18, 2018

Trump to revive Reagan-era rules against abortion

The Trump administration will propose new rules to bar Planned Parenthood and other health care providers from performing or even discussing abortions at facilities that receive federal family planning funds, an administration official said on Thursday night. The proposal, to be filed by the Department ...

Births at record lows in United States

World / Science & Health May 17, 2018

Births at record lows in United States

Births in the United States have plunged to record lows not seen in decades, marking a profound cultural shift that could have ramifications for the future economy, experts said Thursday. The overall fertility rate, which essentially shows how many babies women are having in their ...

Asia Pacific Apr 12, 2018

Chinese baby born four years after parents died in car crash

A surrogate mother has given birth to a baby boy in China four years after his parents died in a car crash, Chinese media reported. The deceased couple was undergoing fertility treatments before the fatal accident in 2013. Their parents fought a drawn-out legal battle to ...

Asia Pacific Apr 7, 2018

Chinese sperm bank requires political loyalty from donors

A sperm bank in Beijing has set strict criteria for would-be donors, including a requirement that they are loyal to China's ruling Communist Party. The state-run Peking University Third Hospital, according to a post on its WeChat account, has been seeking contributions from men with ...