Business Oct 12, 2019

Coca-Cola Japan to release canned chūhai alcoholic drink nationwide

Coca-Cola (Japan) Co. has said that it will launch a canned chūhai spirits-based product nationwide on Oct. 28, making its full-fledged entry into the alcoholic beverage market. The lemon-based product, Remondo, currently available in the Kyushu region on a trial basis, will go on sale ...

Canned <em>chūhai</em> drinks thrive on salaryman buzz

Business Apr 29, 2018

Canned chūhai drinks thrive on salaryman buzz

by Alex K.T. Martin

"When life gives us lemons, we make -196˚ C Strong Zero Double Lemon!" Perhaps beverage giant Suntory Holdings Ltd.'s commercial variation of the well known proverbial phrase best captures the appeal of its top-selling canned cocktail. Once regarded as a simple, working-class drink, chūhai has made ...