Business / Corporate Jul 24, 2018

Japan's Bandai to tap into China's baby toy market

Toymaker Bandai Co. says it will enter China's growing baby toy market next March by offering a range of products featuring characters from a popular Japanese picture book series. While the Chinese baby toy market has been expanding following the abolition of its one-child policy, ...

Better games for serious hardware

Digital | ON: GAMES Sep 24, 2017

Better games for serious hardware

by Brian Ashcraft

Get the Playstation 4 revved "Gran Turismo Sport" is Sony's long-running "Gran Turismo" game's PlayStation 4 debut. The first "GT" was released in 1997 on the PlayStation 1, and 20 years later, "Gran Turismo" is still going strong, holding on to its title as "the ...

Technological fun for the home

Digital | ON: TECH Apr 16, 2017

Technological fun for the home

by Chiho Komoriya

Gadget maker Cerevo has taken advantage of the hype surrounding this month's release of the Hollywood version of "Ghost in the Shell" by producing a 1/8 scale robot model of the original anime's AI combat-vehicle Tachikoma.