Nano drones are taking off big time

Everyone seems to want a drone these days, but their sizes, prices and complicated instructions usually prevent most from indulging. CCP's tiny quadcopter Real Live Tetral, however, is a good compromise. It weighs just 20 grams, is so small it fits into the palm of your hand and it's reasonably priced at ¥12,980. Best of all, though, it's simple to use and even has a one-touch button for easy takeoff and landing.

The Real Live Tetral comes with a twin thumbstick controller, which doubles as a case for the drone, and it can also be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. Its 410,000-pixel camera is good enough to take selfies and snapshots and it offers a live feed to your smartphone, which slots into the controller to become a screen, so you can watch where it's flying. This makes it great for making videos to watch through mobile-phone VR goggles. An atmospheric pressure sensor ensures stable flying and easy hovering, and it can even perform a few tricks, like a loop the loop.