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An Asiana Airlines passenger aircraft lands at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan, on Dec. 20, 2023.
BUSINESS / Companies
Feb 14, 2024
Korean Air wins EU’s approval for $1.4 billion Asiana deal
Korean Air is expected to be ranked as one of the world’s top 10 airlines once the deal is completed.
A Korean Air passenger jet takes off from Incheon International Airport.
Oct 9, 2023
South Korean airlines to boost number of flights to Japanese cities
According to an estimate by the Japan National Tourism Organization, 569,100 South Koreans visited Japan in August, up about 20 times from a year before.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Crime & Legal
May 27, 2023
Man who opened Asiana plane door says he wanted out 'quickly'
'He felt the flight was taking longer than it should have been and felt suffocated inside the cabin,' a Daegu police detective said.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Crime & Legal
May 26, 2023
South Korean police detain passenger after plane door opened mid-air
No one was hurt in the incident but nine people, all teenagers, were sent to hospital after suffering breathing issues, a Daegu fire department official said.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Apr 16, 2019
South Korea conglomerate to sell Asiana Airlines
A major South Korean conglomerate has decided to sell its controlling stake in Asiana Airlines Inc., the country's second-largest carrier.
May 6, 2015
Asiana pilot may have attempted to climb at time of Hiroshima mishap
The pilot of an Asiana Airlines aircraft that made a botched landing at Hiroshima Airport last month, slightly injuring passengers, may have attempted to climb back up to land again, transport safety board sources said Tuesday.
Apr 16, 2015
Seoul orders Asiana pilots to undergo more training after second crash in two years
Asiana Airlines Inc. was ordered to give pilots more training after its second accident in two years raised concerns about the carrier's safety standards.
Japan Times
Jan 24, 2014
ANA veteran to revamp safety regime at Asiana
A former All Nippon Airways pilot has been hired by Asiana Airlines to improve its safety standards after a fatal crash last July at San Francisco International Airport.
Japan Times
Jul 10, 2013
Did Korean culture contribute to Asiana crash in San Francisco?
A comment Monday by the head of the National Transportation Safety Board sounded reasonable to the average ear, but for aviation crash experts there was an immediate connection to a remarkable 1999 crash of a Boeing 747 just after takeoff from London.
Japan Times
Jul 8, 2013
Crisis: The final approach of Flight 214
The first major U.S. plane crash in a dozen years began to unfold in utterly undramatic fashion just before noon Saturday when a big white passenger jet with red, blue and yellow flashings banked to the right and began to descend toward the wide runways of San Francisco International Airport.
Jul 7, 2013
Air fatalities a rarity since '01
San Francisco AFP-JIJI


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