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The best season for Australian mangoes is from November to February, different from that of rival producers in the opposite hemisphere.
Nov 27, 2023
Australia keen to boost mango exports to Japan after curbs eased
The Australian mango season is different to that of rival producers in the opposite hemisphere.
A boar captured in a project to connect farmers and young hunters
Nov 26, 2023
Efforts underway to help license holders get hunting experience
Crop damage and and dangerous animal encounters are on the rise in Japan, but active hunters are dwindling.
A robot that uses artificial intelligence to automatically harvest cherry tomatoes in the Netherlands
Nov 26, 2023
Use of AI-based robots on the rise in Japanese agriculture
Large-scale greenhouse farmers are leading the way, having already begun to use AI-equipped robots.
Turkey and other meat at a grocery store in Chicago
ENVIRONMENT / Sustainability
Nov 26, 2023
Eat less meat is message for rich world in food’s net-zero plan
The global food systems’ road map to 1.5 Celsius is expected to be published by the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization next month.
Workers prepare to cull chickens at a farm in Kashima, Saga Prefecture, on Saturday after a case of bird flu was detected there.
JAPAN / Science & Health
Nov 25, 2023
Japan confirms season's first bird flu case in Saga
The Saga Prefectural Government has started to cull around 40,000 chickens raised at a farm in the city of Kashima.
Farm workers carry rice saplings on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India, in July.
ENVIRONMENT / Sustainability
Nov 21, 2023
In India, 'natural farming' draws young people back to the land
The farming method shuns synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, involves the use of organic manure and no tilling of the land.
Toru Yamano, chairman of the Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives, tastes Koshihikari brand rice from Niigata Prefecture that contains immature grains, during a news conference in Tokyo on Nov. 9.
Nov 15, 2023
Torrid summer heat hits crop production in Japan
The extreme weather over the summer is now leading to lower shipments and sharp price increases.
India's exports represent about 40% of rice's global trade. New Delhi has banned or taxed rice and wheat exports to counter domestic food inflation.
Nov 14, 2023
India pushes the world toward another rice crisis
Spooked by volatile foodgrain prices ahead of a general election next year, India’s government has banned or taxed rice and wheat exports.
Workers harvest lettuce at a farm in Cape Town, South Africa, in January.
Nov 12, 2023
South Africa’s ‘too white’ farms may lose EU, U.K. access
Under the rules, farmers must meet specific Black economic empowerment targets to continuing obtaining export permits.
Ryo and Kaho Nagata greet a regular customer from the second floor of their cafe in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture.
JAPAN / Society / Regional Voices: Hiroshima
Nov 6, 2023
Young migrants bring vitality to rural Hiroshima
Some new residents found a place where they could try something new, as well as having cheaper rents for stores and homes compared to Tokyo.
EF Polymer CEO Narayan Lal Gurjar (right) and COO Kunihiro Shimoji at the company in Onna, Okinawa Prefecture, in August
JAPAN / Society / Regional Voices: Okinawa
Oct 30, 2023
Organic polymer brings water to drought-hit farmlands
The India-born, Okinawa-nurtured product seeks to replace petroleum-derived polymers to promote sustainability.
Asuka (left) and Mai Hatta. Their business, Hasora, near New Delhi, as partnered up with local organic vegetable farmers to sell fresh produce.
JAPAN / Society
Oct 24, 2023
Japanese sisters bring organic produce to residents in India
Mai and Asuka Hatta launched their firm after hearing from Japanese residents in India that they had difficulty obtaining fresh and safe vegetables.
Yasuhiro Matsuzaki provides space for hens to roam freely, in consideration of the birds' welfare, at his farm in Ishioka, Ibaraki Prefecture.
Oct 24, 2023
Japan lagging world in introducing livestock welfare standards
Some question the value of engaging in a moral discussion about the living conditions of livestock animals that are ultimately bound for the dinner plate.
AI-powered chatbots are expected to quickly transform agriculture and food systems to be more resilient and sustainable.
Oct 16, 2023
AI chatbot helps farmers navigate a changing world
Chatbots are expected to quickly transform agriculture and food systems to be more resilient and sustainable.
Hiruzen Kougei employee Moeko Hirao, craft brewer “Sugichan” and furry friend Tsubu help out with the tomato harvest at 6:37 a.m.
LIFE / Travel / Longform
Oct 16, 2023
The farmer's intern: A month in the Japanese countryside
Escaping the chaos of Tokyo for a month, our writer heads to rural Okayama Prefecture and discovers the delights of natural farming.
Japan hopes to assist Ukraine with farming methods that utilize sensors and artificial intelligence features.
JAPAN / Politics
Oct 15, 2023
Japan to provide remote medical care and smart farming tech to Ukraine
Because of Japan's war-renouncing Constitution, Tokyo has instead committed to assisting with Ukraine's reconstruction efforts.
Soy farming has seldom been synonymous with sustainability, but more farmers in Brazil are working to regenerate depleted land instead of expanding the agricultural frontier.
ENVIRONMENT / Sustainability
Oct 5, 2023
Can Brazil's farmers grow more soy without deforestation?
Deforestation is fueling climate change impacts including harsher heat, drought and floods.
A harvest at a palm oil plantation in Khammam, India, in 2022
Oct 1, 2023
Aging trees show a crisis looms for the world’s everything oil
Malaysia and Indonesia provide 85% the world's most versatile edible oil — but their trees are growing old, and replacing them is expensive.
A farmer at his cocoa farm in Gabeadji near San Pedro, Cote d'Ivoire, in January
BUSINESS / Markets
Oct 1, 2023
Chocolate could get even pricier if Africa’s cocoa crop flops
Cocoa prices have soared on fears that bad weather and crop disease will hurt output in Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana, which make up two-thirds of world supply.
Blackberries from Pairwise, a company that uses gene-editing technology to create new breeds of plants, in Durham, North Carolina, on Sept. 13. Pairwise hopes to create a seedless blackberry that grows on compact, thorn-free bushes.
ENVIRONMENT / Sustainability
Sep 26, 2023
Meet the climate-defying fruits and vegetables in your future
Breeding new crops that can thrive under these assaults is a long game.


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