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NBA postpones end of Pelicans-Knicks game due to earthquake


An earthquake that struck Southern California forced the NBA to postpone the finish of a Summer League game between New Orleans and New York on Friday night.

The Knicks-Pelicans game, the NBA debut for No. 1 pick Zion Williamson of New Orleans, was called with 7:53 left and New Orleans leading 80-74. Makoto Hiejima of the Tochigi Brex made his Summer League debut for the Pelicans, seeing two-plus minutes of court time.

Earlier, Yudai Baba, an Alvark Tokyo standout, had five points, six rebounds and three steals in Dallas’ 96-92 win over Brooklyn.

For the Pelicans and Knicks, the primary issue at the Summer League was the arena’s overhead scoreboard, which is suspended from the roof by cables and swayed noticeably when the quake hit.

“Safety comes first, second, third,” Summer League executive director Warren LeGarie said.