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Yokozuna Kakuryu maintained his perfect record and took sole command of the lead on Tuesday, the 10th day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament.

The yokozuna needed a few more seconds than usual to dispatch Chiyomaru (4-6) in their first career meeting, but in the end Kakuryu bundled the No. 5 maegashira from the ring at Edion Arena Osaka.

Chiyomaru, who boasts 38 kg over Kakuryu, held his ground for a solid 10 seconds, but it wasn’t enough to top his determined foe.

No. 6 Kaisei suffered his first defeat at the hands of Ichinojo.

The Brazilian-born maegashira nearly pushed the komusubi out following the initial charge, but the 215-kg Mongolian stayed put and the two wrestlers locked arms for nearly 30 seconds.

Kaisei put up one last defense against an advance by the komusubi, but ultimately succumbed when Ichinojo lifted him out to earn his eighth win.

In another of the evening’s big contests, Tochinoshin (7-3) nearly flew out of the ring when Goeido (7-3) sidestepped the Georgian on the initial charge.

Tochinoshin recovered, but the ozeki immediately bore down on him and pushed the unbalanced sekiwake over the straw bales.

Ozeki Takayasu maintained the possibility for a winning record here by keeping No. 4 Shodai (5-5) at arm’s length for his eighth victory. Shodai couldn’t get a hold of the ozeki as Takayasu persistently pushed the maegashira over the straw bales with a stiff arm to the neck.

Takayasu (8-2) persistently pushed the maegashira over the straw bales with a stiff arm to the neck.

Mitakeumi (5-5) put up a spirited fight against Shohozan (6-4), but the No. 4 maegashira’s whirlwind of pushes and slaps drained the sekiwake, allowing Shohozan the chance to get a solid belt grab and force him out.

Komusubi Chiyotairyu (2-8) earned a much-needed victory over Tamawashi (5-5), charging the top-ranked maegashira straight from the ring with a flurry of hand thrusts for just his second win.

No. 13 Daishomaru, No. 14 Ikioi, No. 16 Daiamami, and No. 17 Aoiyama, who all went into the day within two wins of the lead, dropped further behind after suffering their third defeats.

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