Japan found no record of any payment made to the South American confederation (CONMEBOL) during its bid for the 2002 World Cup hosting rights as alleged by a recent report from Spain, Japan Football Association president Kuniya Daini said Monday.

Citing a former CONMEBOL employee, Diario AS reported on Friday that in 2000, the JFA paid the South Americans $1.5 million for the body's votes in the race for 2002.

In light of the report, Daini ordered the JFA to conduct an internal investigation of financial records during the alleged time period of 1999 and 2000.

Daini said during those two years, there was not one payment exceeding $1 million made by the JFA to anyone and that there was no payment of any amount made to CONMEBOL.

The only financial transaction involving CONMEBOL back then was TV money — amounting to just several $10,000 — for the 1999 Copa America which the JFA received, not gave. Japan took part in the tournament as the guest team.

Daini also confirmed everything with then JFA president Shunichiro Okano, who is now the association's chief advisor.

"No such activity ever took place," Daini said, before boarding his flight to Canada for the Women's World Cup where Japan will play the Netherlands in the round of 16 on Tuesday.