Kisenosato bounces back from opening-day loss


Promotion-chasing ozeki Kisenosato rebounded from his loss the previous day, tossing down Myogiryu for his first win at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament on Monday.

On the celebration of Coming of Age Day, Kisenosato had yet to find his sea legs, but he was good enough to send Myogiryu sprawling to the dohyo surface with a beltless arm throw at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

The ozeki, who lost to little-man Toyonoshima on Sunday, has been given the roughly proposed mandate of winning the 15-day tournament with no fewer than 13 wins to have any hope of promotion to sumo’s highest rank of yokozuna.

Kisenosato struggled to move in as his left hand was blocked by Myogiryu (0-2), but he regrouped after a short interval to twist the komusubi down from the left side.

Yokozuna Hakuho, who is gunning for his 28th career title and first in two meets, absorbed a fierce charge from Toyonoshima (1-1) in the day’s finale before swatting his man down with minimal effort for his second win in a row.

Kotoshogiku (1-1), who is facing demotion after pulling out of the Kyushu Basho in November, tasted his first defeat after he failed to force out Okinoumi (2-0) on the first attempt and was himself dragged to the dirt by an arm-lock twist down. The Sadogatake ozeki must win eight bouts here to keep his rank.

Ozeki Kakuryu also redeemed himself from Sunday’s loss to Okinoumi, disposing of Chiyotairyu (0-2) with a pulling overarm throw.

In a rare occurrence, the first 10 wrestlers who entered the ring from the west corridor won their bouts before Brazilian Kaisei (0-2) fell to Takarafuji (1-1).

Kotooshu, who has dropped to sumo’s third-highest rank of sekiwake, was tossed down by Ikioi (1-1) to suffer his first defeat. The Bulgarian wrestler needs 10 wins for a return to ozeki.

Endo, who has yet to receive a ring name in his third tournament in the elite makuuchi division, tackled out Yoshikaze (1-1) to pick up his first win of the meet in an earlier bout.