Toto expands to European soccer


Tickets so far have only covered games involving J.League first- and second-division teams, but the agency has branched out and Toto will cover games in the English Premier League and F.A. Cup and also the German Bundesliga.

Tickets will be available for purchase for around 10 rounds of games. The J. League season runs from March through December.

Bettors will not need to predict a win, loss or draw as a computer will automatically predict the result of the European games in the “BIG” type ticket categories.

The agency is considering putting aside increased profits generated by the sales of Toto tickets to pay for the refurbishment of Tokyo’s National Stadium ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The National Agency for the Advancement of Sports and Health said Friday it will begin selling Toto soccer lottery tickets from Nov. 23 through February for games in European leagues to plug a gap during the Japanese off season.