Hakuho tops Myogiryu


Yokozuna Hakuho propped himself back on the winning track with a strong win over sekiwake Myogiryu, staying in the lead through 11 days at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Wednesday.

Hakuho was tripped up by sekiwake Goeido a day earlier to taste defeat for the first time, but rebounded with authority against Myogiryu (5-6) in the day’s finale at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Myogiryu had both hands on the belt, trying to drive the yokozuna off the platform, but Hakuho quickly turned on his man, slamming the Sakaigawa stable wrestler to the ground to improve to 10-1.

Hakuho’s western counterpart Harumafuji and Japanese ozeki Kisenosato trail at 9-2.

Thirteenth-ranked maegashira Homasho took a step back, losing by tsukiotoshi to No. 11 Takekaze (7-4) and is joined at 8-3 by ozeki Kakuryu, fifth-ranked Aminishiki and No. 13 Endo.

In the penultimate bout, Harumafuji jumped out of the tachiai, determined to make quick work of Goeido (7-4).

The hungry Goeido refused to be pushed around, trying to orchestrate an upset for the second straight day, but was eventually shepherded out of the ring by Harumafuji, who improved to 18-7 lifetime against the Sakaigawa wrestler.

Yoshikaze withdraws


Eighth-ranked maegashira Yoshikaze on Wednesday pulled out of the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament with a hand injury.

The 31-year-old suffered a broken bone in his right hand in Tuesday’s defeat to Jokoryu, according to his stablemaster Oguruma, and will require surgery. He is scheduled for an operation on Oct. 1.

Yoshikaze has six wins at the 15-day tournament.

Kotooshu stays out


Bulgarian ozeki Kotooshu, who injured his left hamstring and has been missing in action since the seventh day of the ongoing Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament, will not rejoin the tournament, meaning he will face demotion for the seventh time at the Kyushu basho in November, Kyodo News learned Tuesday.

The 30-year-old Kotooshu won his opening four bouts but hurt himself in a defeat to sekiwake Goeido on the fifth day.

He had aimed to rejoin the meet as the injury was initially determined to require about 10 days to heal but his stablemaster Sadogatake admitted Kotooshu is in no shape to wrestle.

  • James Donahue

    Good to see Hakuho rebound quickly, May he stay strong and win his next matches