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Harumafuji was tripped up in a shocker at the hands of rank-and-filer Takayasu on Tuesday, suffering his first loss of 2013 at the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament.

Rival yokozuna Hakuho, meanwhile, demolished another would-be opponent in the form of Georgian Tochinoshin to move into a two-way tie with Estonian sekiwake Baruto at 3-0.

None of the four at sumo’s second-highest rank of ozeki are undefeated, and both Bulgarian Kotooshu and Kotoshogiku tumbled to their second straight defeats.

But the big winner on this day was Takayasu, who not only got his first win here but notched his first “kinboshi,” beating Harumafuji with a thrust-down technique in the day’s finale at Bodymaker Colosseum.

Harumafuji, who went 15-0 to win the championship in January and has won three of the last four meets with unblemished marks, got both hands wrapped around Takayasu and appeared to have the bout all but won before his left foot gave way and he crumbled to the dirt in his haste to oust the top-ranked maegashira.

Hakuho got a razor-sharp jump at the tachiai before getting a left hand on the outside of winless Tochinoshin’s mawashi and tossing his opponent to the dirt with a powerful left-handed overarm throw.

Kotooshu (1-2) was hoisted upon his own petard, when he allowed Chiyotairyu to slip from a migi-yotsu right-leaning grip and twist him down with an underarm throw.

No. 2 maegashira Chiyotairyu (2-1) notched his second ozeki scalp after beating Mongolian Kakuryu on Monday.

Kisenosato (2-1) unleashed a fierce shoving attack against Aminishiki (0-3), outflanking his opponent from the left before sending the komusubi to the dirt with a thrust-down technique to bounce back from the previous day’s loss.

Tochiozan (2-1) also knocked off his second straight ozeki, easily getting both arms under the armpits of Kotoshogiku (1-2) before sending the roly-poly wrestler down with a beltless arm throw.

Kakuryu was the third ozeki to bite the dust as he was sent packing in a maelstrom of thrusts from Myogiryu (2-1), who got his second ozeki kill after defeating Kisenosato on Monday.

In an all-sekiwake clash, Baruto was leagues above Goeido (2-1), pounding his opponent with a relentless barrage of shoves to the face before upending the Osaka native over the edge.

The Estonian Goliath has gotten off to a flying start with three straight wins after a failed bid to regain his ozeki rank at the New Year meet.

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