J. League admits JFL champion V-Varen


The J. League has admitted Japan Football League champion V-Varen Nagasaki to its second division, the team’s president said Monday.

Speaking at a press conference, V-Varen president Tomoyuki Miyata was filled with emotion as he related a telephone call he received from J. League chairman Kazumi Ohigashi. The club had faced a league inspection to determine whether it would qualify for admittance.

“We were unanimously accepted,” Miyata said. “Thank you.”

Toru Sano, who managed the Nagasaki club to its first JFL championship, sounded more relieved than elated at the news.

“I don’t feel any rush of feelings, but I am relieved,” Sano said.

The elation of the moment, however, is balanced by a number of financial hurdles after V-Varen won their league on a budget of ¥355 million. Only modest increases to that figure are anticipated, and competing with that amount of money will remain a challenge.

“Based on sound business operation, we can eye promotion to J1 in about five years,” Miyata said.

V-Varen’s promotion forced J2 bottom club Machida Zelvia out of the J. League after one season.