Latteria Bebe

Review excerpt: The pasta dishes at Latteria Bebe are inventive, with seasonal variations such as the linguine with hotaru-ika (firefly squid) and fukinoto (wild butterbur buds).


Review excerpt: The staff at Hanabi makes their basic ramen in the shōyu (soy sauce) style, but with two choices of soup: a classic meaty version — they call it mukashinagara (old-fashioned).

Kita-Kamakura En

In keeping with the traditional feel of this historic city where shoguns ruled and Buddhist monks still meditate and preach, En serves kaiseki ryori, delicate multi-course meals cooked and composed with care to reflect the changing of the seasons. The principles are the same ...

All four compass points of the subcontinent are covered. Yes, they have rich, buttery curries in the usual Mogul style of North India, but they also have preparations from Kerala in the far south. There are spicy fish curries from Calcutta and mutton dishes ...

On the subject of sausage, another German friend recommended Chozumeya Kamakura, a takeaway counter that does a brisk trade in hot-off-the-grill handmade sausages.

In hanami season, one of the most pleasant views is from the cozy second-floor dining room of En, which overlooks an ancient pond in front of Engakuji Temple surrounded by cherry trees. Lunch is a fixed-price 3,500 yen kaiseki-style set meal. In the evening, ...

Sasa-no-ha is a simple natural foods restaurant housed in a venerable wooden shack. They serve vegetarian and fish-based set meals, some featuring genmai, others with white rice.

There are those who make regular pilgrimages here expressly to revisit the antipasti misti. The primi piatti are also seriously good, especially their own hand-crafted pasta. The potato gnocchi (with a sauce, perhaps, of broccoli and homemade sausage) are not to be missed.