Lunch and dinner menus offer flavors of Oita

Through June 30, Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel and Towers is presenting a variety of unique dishes made with ingredients sourced from the Kyushu region, particularly Oita Prefecture, at three of its restaurants.

The Compass buffet has created about 50 lunch and dinner dishes made from ingredients delivered directly from local producers in Kyushu. The lunch and dinner buffets are priced at ¥3,520 and ¥4,950 on weekdays, and ¥4,070 and ¥5,610 on weekends and holidays.

Chicken tempura, tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen, braised pork rib buns and other regional delights are included in the buffet.

A French lunch course (¥4,400 on weekdays and ¥4,900 on weekends) and two dinner courses (¥8,800 or ¥13,200) are available at the Sky Lounge Bay View on the 28th floor. The courses include Oita Bungo beef from the city of Bungo, as well as other local ingredients, spices and brandy.

The beef, winner of the 2017 Wagyu Olympics, will also be featured at Sagami, the hotel’s teppanyaki (iron-grill cooking) restaurant.

The restaurant is offering a premium Oita Bungo beef course for ¥18,700. Items vary between May and June, but Oita Bungo beef will be front and center during both months. Prices exclude tax and include service fees.

Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel and Towers is one minute from Yokohama Station. For more information or reservations, visit or call 045-411-1111.

Luxuriously delicious Miyagi food experience

The Chinese restaurant Star Hill at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu in Chiyoda Ward is currently holding a Miyagi Prefecture Culianary Fair featuring a lunch set and dinner courses of delicious summer dishes made with ingredients from the prefecture.

Along with lunch and dinner, on weekdays until June 29, photographs of fresh ingredients and Miyagi Prefecture’s magnificent nature taken by Itaru Hirama are on display at the restaurant. The renowned photographer, who is originally from Miyagi, traveled throughout his home prefecture with chef Noboru Kobayashi in search of inspiration for dishes and presentations.

The lunch set, priced at ¥4,000, consists of three kinds of appetizers, soba noodles topped with roasted, high-quality pork from Miyagi and strips of fresh leeks drizzled with hot oil, followed by dessert. Only 15 sets are available daily.

The dinner courses are available for ¥16,500 or ¥19,500. Steamed pea sprouts wrapped in strips of kuroge (black-haired) wagyu from Sendai are included in both courses. Shark fin and sea cucumber soup originating from the prefecture’s coastal areas is also served in both courses. Prices include tax and service fee.

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu is directly connected to Tameike-Sanno and Kokkaigijidomae stations (various lines). For more information, visit or call 03-3503-0109.

Summertime barbecue in breezy, green oasis

From June 8 until Sept. 22, the Tokyo Prince Hotel’s Garden Islands Beer Restaurant will launch the Beer Garden in the Forest, available from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Nestled at the foot of Tokyo Tower and surrounded by the greenery of Shiba Park, the hotel offers a variety of barbecue options that can be enjoyed in the airy venue. In addition to the standard barbecue set (¥7,000), steak and seafood barbecue set (¥8,000) and wagyu sirloin and domestic beef fillet premium barbecue set (¥10,000), two additional menu items will be introduced this year.

The Enjoy Wild Barbecue plan, available for ¥8,500, includes an Australian beef sirloin brochette, lobster, skewered vegetables, as well as chicken, pork, crab, squid stuffed with pilaf and fried pasta. Additionally, the Summer Colorful Barbecue (¥6,000) is available only for groups of women (up to 50 sets per day). It consists of an appetizer, oil fondue of vegetables with cream sauce, baked pasta with Neapolitan beef sauce, and sorbet for dessert in addition to seafood and fried pasta.

All courses include two hours of free-flowing drinks and sparkling wine is included in the free-flow drink menu of the Summer Colorful Barbeque. All prices are per person and include tax.

The Tokyo Prince Hotel is one minute from Onarimon Station. For more information, visit or call 03-3432-1140.