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Sake is the raison d’être of Nozaki Sakaten— not the cheap mass-marketed version of Japan’s national tipple made by the major sake companies, but jizake, quality brews crafted on an artisan scale by smaller regional kura (breweries), especially limited-edition versions that are often hard to get hold of beyond their ...


Review excerpt: The noodles and clear broth are what set Ginzasa apart from other ramen shops in Tokyo.


Review excerpt: Tokyo's Raku serves a longer, skinnier Kobe variant of dumpling, each just a single bite with more golden-fried wrapper than filling.

Ibrew Shinbashi

Reivew excerpt: Ibrew’s craft beer pub has only been open there for a year, but its no-frills, low-budget approach makes it a perfect fit for commuters.

Sushi Tokami

Review excerpt: It is not just the quality of Hiroyuki Sato’s seafood that has put Sushi Tokami on Tokyo’s culinary map; it’s the understated way he goes about his business. Still in his late 30s, what distinguishes him is the relaxed way he interacts with ...

Land Bar Artisan

Fine ice crystals shimmer on the surface; the cloudy liquid resembles the mist in a crystal ball. The first sip is pert, relaxing into a smooth-textured mellowness that speaks of maturity approaching wisdom — the fruit of 10,000 hours of practice.


Founded in 1923, it isn’t the oldest oden shop in Tokyo — that honor is generally ascribed to the 101-year-old Otafuku across town in Asakusa — but it is certainly among the most popular. You can tell by the clientele it attracts. From middle-aged ...


This cheerful little hole-in-the-wall, which opened last June in the back streets of Shinbashi, serves the cuisine of China’s Inner Mongolia region, the birthplace of both the owner and her chef. As well as stir-fries and plates of boiled meat both on and off ...


Very few Japanese restaurants in Tokyo can boast a view to rival that from Kazahana. Sitting 28 floors up in the Conrad Hotel, you gaze out over the centuries-old Hamarikyu garden on the waterfront and across to the Rainbow Bridge and the malls of ...