Review excerpt: The main reason why tables at Mimosa are still in such hot demand is because the chef is serving some of the most satisfying Shanghai food in Tokyo.

Umami Burger

Review excerpt: Instead of boosting the beef patties with artificial additives, more natural, umami-rich ingredients are used at Umami Burger, such as soy sauce and porcini mushrooms. The basic eponymous burger is served with shiitake, roast tomato and a crisp disk of Parmesan cheese.


Galali neatly straddles the divide between the traditional izakaya and the modern dining bar. But the architecture and menu are unmistakably Japanese.

Intersect by Lexus

Luxury automaker Lexus’ brand experience space “Intersect by Lexus” opened in 2013 in Tokyo’s Minami Aoyama to give people the Lexus “Amazing in Motion” experience without having to get behind the wheel. In the middle of one of the most fashionable areas in Tokyo, the ...


They understand food here. It is inventive and, notwithstanding the modest portions, surprisingly satisfying. They call their approach "washoku creative," and with good reason. They have developed a host of interesting variations on Japanese izakaya standards, embellished with Chinese and European influences.

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien is a bakery and cafe from Brussels that has locations worldwide. Using simple, old-fashioned ingredients, this boulangerie boasts a beautiful array of freshly baked bread and homely meals such as shepherd's pie, risotto and macaroni and cheese.

Rakushokushu Maru

Most kaiseki restaurants serve meals that are by definition multicourse affairs, with no deviation from the established sequence of dishes. At Maru, you get a choice: Call ahead to order a full-course meal or pick from the a la carte menu (a full English ...


There are dainty meat pies; BLT toasted sandwiches; salade nicoise and a pasta of the day -- spaghetti puttanesca was the offering when we dropped in.

Kitchen Nakamura

Like its parent operation, Kitchen Nakamura revolves around a large open cooking area and focuses on ingredients sourced almost entirely within Japan. Where it differs is that it serves no sake and little shochu. The food here is crossover Western and wine is the ...