I am writing with regards to the highly biased article by Brahma Chellaney in the March 6 edition. It is highly disappointing to see that once again the columns of The Japan Times have been used to make lopsided and misleading assertions against Pakistan. We firmly believe in the freedom of speech. However, we are of the view that this right needs to be used with prudence.

Chellaney squarely blamed Pakistan for the suicide attack on Indian security forces in the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, which is contrary to the fact as it was carried out by a local Kashmiri youth, using locally arranged explosives. Chellaney would be better served finding out why Kashmiri youth of today have become so desperate that they prefer taking their own lives. What sort of extreme humiliation is being meted out to Kashmiris that they no longer have the desire to live but to kill their oppressors?

Chellaney needs to probe why India continues to refuse the implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir that guarantee the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris. The fact of the matter is by committing the worst possible abuses of human rights of Kashmiris, India has lost Kashmir and thus vented its frustration in the form of baseless allegations against Pakistan. Let me also draw attention to the report by the U.N. Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights released last year that had very clearly documented the worst human rights abuses by Indian security forces in the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir carried out from 2016 to 2018.

Regarding the current crisis, as opposed to the knee-jerk Indian reaction of blaming Pakistan without any investigation or proof, Pakistan’s prime minister assured to take action against any group or entity provided concrete and actionable evidence was provided. India, however, refused Pakistan’s offer and committed an act of aggression by violating Pakistan’s airspace and dropping bombs in Pakistani territory. All international media without the exception of a few are of the view that India’s claim of targeting terrorist facility is a farce. Instead, the bombing damaged a few civilian houses and trees, etc. To safeguard its territorial integrity and sovereignty, Pakistan responded to the Indian aggression. In counterstrikes Pakistan downed two Indian fighter jets and arrested an Indian pilot. Pakistan’s prime minister warned India against any further escalation and as a gesture of goodwill and peace, released the Indian pilot safe and sound. Within India, saner voices are now raising questions, criticizing the Indian government for exploiting the Pulwama incident for their political gains in the forthcoming elections.


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