It’s time to make a change! Regarding the Jan. 18 story “Kojien dictionary criticized for ‘inaccurate’ entry on LGBT, a vast majority of Japanese citizens are still uneducated about these existing communities.

The inaccuracy in defining the term “LGBT” by the publisher of Japan’s most authoritative dictionary is certainly an issue that should not be taken lightly. However, the bigger problem revolves around the fact that school administrators and educators have yet to expand awareness of the LGBT community and modify their current ineffective school curriculum.

As Mameta Endo states, “the mistake by the authoritative dictionary reflects the reality of Japanese society, where many are still uninformed on issues related to sexual minorities.”

The most simple solution is for school administrations to start organizing an LGBT-inclusive school curriculum, teaching students about homosexuality as part of sex education. Doing so will not only help educate students on the topics of the LGBT community, but will also spread awareness and safety to those regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Japan certainly has a long way to go, but education is our best solution.


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