The U.S. Constitution has been a beacon for democratic idealists in the rest of the world even when in the 1930s Nazis, fascists, militarists and Marxist-Leninists destroyed regimes where democratic institutions had begun to develop. Now there are real fears that U.S. democracy itself is threatened by the attitudes and actions of its president. Even if the threat is not realized, the decline in American prestige and influence as a result of his actions and utterances threaten to undermines the liberal world order.

The recent racist demonstration in Charlottesville and the murder and injury inflicted on protesters against white supremacists reflects the recrudescence of racism among a group of white supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump. His failure for the first 48 hours to condemn evil white supremacists and racists caused much disquiet even in Republican circles. Trump as a consequence felt forced to read out a teleprompt condemnation but almost immediately contradicted himself in truly Trumpian manner and language.

This immediately raised doubts about whether he was himself a white racist. His opposition to refugees entering America from Muslim countries and Hispanic immigrants had already shown racist tendencies.