British politics are in a mess. Prime Minister Theresa May's election gamble failed. The Tories (Conservatives) won the most seats, but are dependent on support from the 11 elected representatives of the Ulster Unionist party, who had to be bribed by promises of additional funding for Northern Ireland.

May no longer commands the respect of her Cabinet, whose members allow their supporters to brief against their colleagues. There are rumors of plots and counterplots designed to secure the succession. No one has the temerity to light the fuse as the Tory members of parliament fear that a leadership battle at this stage could lead to splits in the party that would open the way to another general election and a win by the opposition Labour Party under its avowedly leftwing leader Jeremy Corbyn,

During the summer parliamentary recess the power struggle is likely to remain half-hidden, but unity over the autumn party conferences cannot be assured. No one believes that May will be allowed by the party to lead it in another election. The question is not if but when she will go.