• Beppu, Oita


Regarding the Nov. 25 article reprinted from Sentaku magazine, “U.S.-China ties weaken alliances”: The rise in U.S.-China relations, which primarily accounts for inseparable bilateral economic trade, in my opinion should be good news for Japan, contrary to what the writer argues. This is essentially because it would free Japan to act on its own will for the first time and not be dictated to by Washington.

No doubt Japan has amazing development marvels that are the envy of the rest of the world in the 21st century. However, sadly, Japan barely has its own say in the major international arena as an American-imposed identity lingers heavily. Japan, in its dire pursuit to become the next Britain of Asia, has endangered relations with its neighbors, particularly China and Korea. The U.S.-Japan alliance has managed only to boost U.S. hegemony and to alienate Japan in the Asia-Pacific region.

Despite a political chill, China became Japan’s largest trading partner in 2007, surpassing the United States. Japan and China have become inseparably dependent on each other. With Washington starting to embrace Beijing, the time is propitious for Tokyo to discover and re-establish its own identity by shrugging off its blind American lust. This is a wonderful opportunity for Japan to better its relations with its neighbors and work together. Nothing ensures protection for a nation more than when its apparent rival becomes an intimate partner.

rai sharad chandra

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