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Regarding Roger Pulvers’ Nov. 9 article, “What a world of difference that one momentous day could make“: The derogatory comments regarding America’s use of force is humorous given Japan’s history of “shock and awe” to begin the Pacific War. What other country, having been attacked as the United States was, would have stopped the war as it did?

There are many instances in world history where an aggressor such as Japan would have either been taken over permanently by the victor, or seen its population decimated, (enslaved) or starved. This didn’t happen. Yes, the U.S. dropped two nuclear bombs, but it could have used more. And if I remember correctly, the victor actually helped to rebuild Japan.

Would the writer prefer that the U.S. simply cease to project its political and military might to protect its allies? How would the Japanese feel if the U.S. agreed with the gist of the article and decided to use less force in the world, letting North Korea know that it could do whatever it liked? I am sure Japan’s “superior” culture and people could care for themselves.

If this article reflects the attitude of the Japanese people, then the U.S. should pull back and stop aiding Japan.

matthew lane

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