I am a first-year junior high school student. Recently our class had to write a science project about ways to help the environment. Then we each made a presentation. Many people talked about good ideas, like using our own bags when we go shopping, not leaving taps running, and walking or using bikes instead of cars when possible.

Many people got good grades, even some A-pluses. But in real life I don’t think many of us would get an A-plus for our efforts. When we go out shopping, my friends never refuse plastic bags at convenience stores. They often leave the water running when we clean the classroom. If they miss the school bus, some take a taxi even though it’s only a 15-minute walk from the station.

It’s easy to talk about saving the environment, but it’s not so easy to change our behavior. I didn’t get an A-plus on my science project, but I’m trying to make small changes in my daily life. I think that’s what matters.

tsuyoshi kittaka