Japanese-born giant panda Xiang Xiang has been put on public view for the first time since returning to China in February following quarantine and examination, state-run Xinhua News Agency reported Monday.

In a video posted to Weibo by a giant panda research center in Sichuan Province, the female panda can be seen leisurely eating bamboo shoots.

The center had previously said that it would slowly acclimate Xiang Xiang to her new environment before putting her on display.

Born at the Ueno Zoological Gardens in Tokyo in June 2017 from a pair of pandas on loan from China, Xiang Xiang was the first naturally conceived giant panda at the zoo.

She was returned to Sichuan in February this year under an ownership agreement between China and Japan.

While her time in Japan was originally set to end once she turned 2, her loan was extended five times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Xiang Xiang became hugely popular in Japan, and more than 300 people gathered at Narita Airport in Chiba Prefecture to witness her departure in February.