Japan said Wednesday it is ready to provide additional housing, technical and other support to Ukraine, aiming to renew its commitment to helping rebuild the Eastern European nation ravaged by Russia's war.

Masato Kanda, vice finance minister for international affairs, made the remarks after meeting in Kyiv with Ukrainian Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko as the two nations launched a finance dialogue.

"Japan will continue to support Ukraine as needed," Kanda told reporters, adding that Tokyo is ready to give additional assistance via a World Bank project aimed at repairing and rebuilding war-damaged dwellings.

Japan's aid to Ukraine has reached $7.6 billion, according to the Finance Ministry. In June, the World Bank approved a $1.5 billion loan for Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction, which was guaranteed by the Japanese government.

Ukraine expressed gratitude for Japan's solidarity and support since the very outset of the war that began in February 2022 and the two sides agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation, a joint press release said.

Japan, which holds the rotating presidency of the Group of Seven nations this year, confirmed its "unwavering support" and pledged to ramp up efforts to meet the group's goal of making Russia pay for the long-term reconstruction of Ukraine hit by the "unjustifiable" aggression, according to the document.

The G7 has enforced various sanctions to punish Russia for the war, while cooperation with other nations outside the group is seen as critical in making the sanctions regime effective.

During the meeting, Japan and Ukraine expressed deep concerns about reports of arms trade between Russia and "United Nations sanctions jurisdictions," the release said, apparently referring to nations such as North Korea.