Nagasaki marked the 77th anniversary Tuesday of the U.S. atomic bombing of the southwestern city during World War II, with Mayor Tomihisa Taue calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons amid mounting concern over their potential use following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The atomic bombing of Nagasaki, three days after a similar bomb was dropped on Hiroshima around 300 kilometers to the northeast, had taken the lives of an estimated 74,000 people by the end of 1945, with many others suffering from the effects of burns and radiation-related illnesses long after the attack.

A moment of silence was observed at 11:02 a.m., the exact time on Aug. 9, 1945, when a plutonium bomb codenamed "Fat Man" dropped by a U.S. bomber exploded over the port city, only the second time a nuclear weapon has been used in war.