Low-cost carrier Zipair Tokyo said Wednesday it will ditch its logo featuring the letter "Z," a pro-war symbol often seen on Russian military vehicles, to avoid misunderstanding.

The president of the wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Airlines told reporters at Narita Airport near Tokyo that some people might see the current logo as indicating that the company approves of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"I think some people might feel that way when they see it without any explanation," Shingo Nishida said.

The new logo will be a geometric pattern in green, black and white, the company said.

The budget airline currently operates flights connecting Narita with Bangkok, Seoul, Honolulu, Singapore and Los Angeles.

Zipair, which began operations in 2020 as a low-cost carrier specializing in international flights, plans to launch its sixth route, to San Jose, California, in December.

The letter "Z" has been painted on the vertical tail of its B-787 planes. The new logo will be put into use on Saturday.