A Thai woman was arrested Monday and charged with abandoning the body of her newborn baby in a toilet bowl after giving birth in a bathroom at a Tokyo condominium, police said.

Penpanassak Supaporn, 28, is suspected to have been around 25 weeks pregnant when she gave birth around Friday to a baby boy, leaving his body in the toilet.

The boy's body, 27-centimeters long and weighing 635 grams, still had the umbilical cord attached when a repairman found him Sunday.

The woman told the investigators that she was "upset after seeing blood and the body of the dead baby and flushed the toilet," according to the police.

The police said an autopsy will be conducted to determine if the baby was stillborn or if there was another cause of death.

The woman, who has been staying in Japan since March last year, was in a room of the complex in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward when the repairman called the police.

According to the police, the room was registered for "minpaku" private lodging, which allows operators to rent out their homes and apartments, adding the woman has likely been renewing her visa status after arriving in Japan on a short-term visa.