Tokujin Yoshioka, the Japanese designer who created the torch designs for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic relays, has shared a method for making do-it-yourself face shields aimed at helping health care workers on the frontlines of battling COVID-19.

"I'd like to share my quick and simple face shield idea for emergency situations where there is a shortage of medical supplies,"wrote Yoshioka on his website Tuesday. "I hope this can be of some help to health care workers."

In a video posted on the site and social media, Yoshioka demonstrates how to construct his face shields in three steps, which include putting a template on top of a clear plastic sheet, cutting around the template and making holes where the shield can be attached to glasses and worn.

The template is also available on his website.

The video begins with the message, "With sincere gratitude to all health care workers around the world."

An acclaimed designer and artist, Yoshioka used the shape of the nation's iconic cherry blossoms as a motif for the official Olympic and Paralympic torches.

The Tokyo Olympic flame was lit in Greece and transported to Japan last month, but the domestic leg of the torch relay was canceled just before its scheduled March 26 start after the games were postponed until next summer due to the pandemic.