A 20-year-old woman was arrested Sunday on suspicion of abandoning a fetus in a suitcase in front of a nightclub in Nagoya, police said.

Haruka Kaneko told the police she got pregnant with a 22-year-old employee from a "host club" catering to women and that she had an abortion in December.

She had been keeping the fetus at home and hinting to the man that she might abandon it, according to the police. The two were living together until the start of this year.

Kaneko, who worked at a restaurant, admitted to abandoning the fetus in a suitcase near the entrance to the nighclub in Nagoya around Saturday.

A judicial autopsy showed the abortion took place at around five months. Because the fetus had decomposed, it was dificult to determine its sex.

The remains were found after a man alerted the police at around 10:15 p.m. Saturday that a foul smell was emanating from the suitcase.