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Life expectancy of chimpanzees raised in Japan is 28 years, Kyoto University team finds


A research team from Kyoto University said Friday that the average life expectancy of chimpanzees raised in Japan is 28.3 years.

Satoshi Hirata, professor at the university’s Wildlife Research Center, and colleagues calculated the average life span from necessary information, such as birth and death dates, found on 821 domestically raised chimpanzees in a database called Great Ape Information Network.

Operated by the National Institute of Genetics, the WRC and the Primate Research Institute, another research arm of the university, the database has records of all great apes in Japan, including those of 1,017 chimpanzees dating back to 1921.

The researchers also found that the death rate of chimpanzees aged one or younger is high and that the average life expectancy of individuals that managed to survive their first year is 34.6 years.

According to another finding in the research, many chimpanzees died during the winter months from December to February. Details of the study were published online by an international academic journal.

“From now on, I will study differences in life expectancy between raised and wild chimpanzees and want to make comparisons with data on humans,” Hirata said.

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