South Korean airline T'way cuts Japan routes as bilateral ties founder


South Korean low-cost carrier T’way Air Co. will suspend some regular flights connecting South Korea and three airports in Kyushu.

The decision, announced by the Seoul-based carrier Monday, came amid a drop in demand amid deteriorating bilateral relations.

Four routes, Kumamoto-Daegu, Oita-Busan, Oita-Muan and Saga-Busan, which went into service in November and December last year, will be suspended. On each route, T’way has been operating three to four round trips a week.

Flights connecting the three Japanese airports and Seoul will be continued.

“There is no prospect for a resumption of flights in or after late October, when the winter schedule starts,” an official of the Kumamoto Prefectural Government said.

The official said T’way cited poor demand, noting that a television show selling trips to Japan had been canceled.

The Saga Prefectural Government has been told by T’way that the suspension was caused by the worsening bilateral relations as well as a sluggish South Korean economy, an official said.

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