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Mercedes-Benz to release EQC, its first electric vehicle, in Japan


Mercedes-Benz Japan Co. said Thursday that it will release its first electric vehicle, the EQC, in Japan.

Entry into the electric vehicle market by the Tokyo-based unit of the German automaker is expected to boost interest in such vehicles in Japan.

“We’ve achieved zero emissions without changing Benz’s safety and comfort features,” Mercedes-Benz Japan President Kintaro Ueno said.

The sport utility vehicle runs up to 400 kilometers on one charge and reaches 100 kilometers per hour in roughly five seconds. The car also includes a feature that tells users by sound to search for a nearby power charging station.

Reservations for a special-edition model limited to 55 units will begin on July 18, with the first deliveries expected for October. A different model will be delivered from spring 2020.

The vehicle will also come with a support package that includes free access to about 21,000 charging stations nationwide for a year.

The price stands at ¥12 million for the special model and ¥10.8 million for the other one, both including 10 percent consumption tax.