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Green tea KitKats made with matcha from Japan and China finally headed to Europe


Swiss food giant Nestle has said that it will launch matcha-flavored KitKat chocolate bars across Europe later this month.

The decision reflects solid demand from consumers in Europe for the chocolate product with powdered green tea, which hit store shelves in Japan in 2004.

Matcha KitKats are “inspired by one of the most popular of the 350-plus KitKat varieties that have been available in Japan over the years,” Nestle said Tuesday in a press release.

The product “is manufactured in Hamburg, Germany, using … real matcha green tea from Japan and China,” it said.

The Daily Mirror, a British tabloid, reported in its online edition that the matcha-flavored chocolate bars will be “finally” available in Britain “15 years after being created in Japan.”

Comments welcoming the arrival of the product in Europe have been posted on social media.