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LDP's Ichita Yamamoto considering run for Gunma Prefecture governorship instead of further term in Upper House


Ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Ichita Yamamoto is considering running in the Gunma Prefecture gubernatorial election slated to be held next summer, sources said Monday.

Yamamoto’s six-year term as a member of the House of Councillors representing Gunma will expire in the summer of next year.

At a meeting with supporters Sunday night in Takasaki in the prefecture, Yamamoto said that he currently sees his likelihood of running for the governorship or seeking another term in the Upper House as 50% either way.

Yamamoto, head of the LDP’s Upper House Policy Research Council Board, said that although he is an official LDP candidate for the next Upper House election, an increasing number of his supporters and other are calling on him to come back to Gunma.

He suggested that he will make a decision by the end of December after considering the opinions of Gunma residents.

Incumbent Gunma Gov. Masaaki Osawa has yet to clarify whether he will seek a fourth term when his four-year term expires in July.