Oriental Land to revamp Tokyo Disneyland in stages


Oriental Land Co., the Tokyo Disney Resort operator, plans to revamp its Tokyo Disneyland theme park in stages over an extended period, President Kyoichiro Uenishi has said.

“We are considering which Disneyland areas should be changed and how,” Uenishi said in a recent interview, also suggesting that such renovations will follow the planned expansion of its Tokyo DisneySea theme park.

“It’s difficult to carry out the renewals all at once,” he said.

Renovation of one park area will take 10 years, he said, adding that renovation work for the whole of Tokyo Disneyland would continue over a considerable period.

As Tokyo Disneyland has little room for expansion, Oriental Land may reduce the size of backyard spaces where employees take rest when revamping theme areas, he said.

Opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland has seven theme areas and together with DisneySea hosts 30 million visitors each year.

Facing sluggish growth in visitor numbers, Oriental Land will spend some ¥250 billion to expand Tokyo DisneySea in fiscal 2022.

Oriental Land is also considering raising theme park admission fees. But Uenishi gave no details of the timing or size of price increases, only saying that his company would make a decision after considering various factors.