Part-time work eyed for Japan civil servants near retirement


The National Personnel Authority is considering allowing retired public servants of the central government age 60 or older to be rehired on a part-time basis once the retirement age is raised, informed sources said Wednesday.

Those eligible for the rehiring system will be workers who quit their jobs after turning 60, the current retirement age, which the government plans to raise to 65 in stages beginning in fiscal 2021.

Rehired officials are expected to be able to work until the end of March in the fiscal year in which they reach the extended retirement age of 65, the sources said.

The rehiring system is designed to diversify work styles for senior government employees who find it difficult to continue working full time due to physical limitations or a need to care for family members.

The personnel authority is expected to present detailed plans for extending the retirement age as early as next week when it makes its annual pay recommendations for central government employees.

In February, the government asked the agency to consider a system that will allow senior employees to work part time after the retirement age is raised.