• Kyodo


The bodies of a 17-year-old high-school girl and a 27-year-old man have been found dead in a car discovered underwater in the city of Nagasaki, in an apparent suicide, police have said.

The student, from Saga Prefecture, and the man, from neighboring Kumamoto Prefecture, went missing around last August, the police said Friday, with the girl leaving a note for her family suggesting that she intended to commit suicide.

The girl and man met through a social-networking site and exchanged views about killing themselves, the police said.

Their bodies were found Thursday in the car about 20 meters away from a pier in Nagasaki. Authorities had added the man to a wanted list on suspicion of having kidnapped the girl.

A diver who was shooting underwater video happened upon the sunken vehicle and reported the finding to police around 4 p.m. Wednesday, authorities said.