'Golgo 13' assassin Duke Togo joins Foreign Minister Taro Kono in videos promoting safety overseas


Duke Togo, the main character from the popular manga “Golgo 13,” has been enlisted by the Foreign Ministry to spread awareness about how Japanese can stay safe overseas.

The character, a professional assassin voiced by actor Hiroshi Tachi, appears in a series of online videos launched by the ministry on Friday. But the star power doesn’t end there — Foreign Minister Taro Kono voices the role of Foreign Minister Takakura.

A total of 13 episodes will be provided, with one episode released each week.

In the first episode, released Friday, Takakura asks Duke Togo for support in helping small and midsize Japanese firms operating abroad raise awareness about measures to protect themselves from terrorist attacks.

The assassin accepts the request, and in later episodes he will be sent to various locations across the globe to carry out his mission.

The videos will also become available on international flights of Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways for a certain period from this summer, according to the ministry.

Kono met with Tachi and Takao Saito, the author of “Golgo 13,” at the ministry on Friday.

“I’m honored to receive the offer for the job,” Tachi said, adding that he wants the videos to be put to good use.

Saito said: “I’ve been concerned that Japanese are careless about their safety. I hope the videos will help people improve their safety awareness.”

Following a hostage crisis in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka in July 2016, in which 20 people, including seven Japanese, were killed, the ministry last year produced manuals on safety measures abroad featuring “Golgo 13.”