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Gist of secret redactions to Moritomo papers


How did the Finance Ministry alter the 14 documents in question after news of the scandal broke in February last year?

Quotes by Moritomo Gakuen that said Akie Abe recommended the school operator’s project move forward and that she gave a speech there were erased.

The names of several lawmakers mentioned in the original documents — former trade minister Takeo Hiranuma, LDP veteran Yoshitada Konoike, former Upper House lawmaker Issei Kitagawa and the late Kunio Hatoyama, former internal affairs minister — were deleted.

A part mentioning that Yasunori Kagoike, the head of Moritomo Gakuen at the time, was a member of the Osaka branch of the Japan Conference (Nippon Kaigi) and that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Hiranuma are all members of a supra-partisan group of lawmakers linked to Nippon Kaigi, was dropped.

Descriptions saying the dramatically reduced price for the land in question was “exceptional” were omitted.

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