Lawmakers from Japan's ruling LDP form ninja promotion group


Lawmakers of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party held a meeting Thursday to mark the establishment of a group aimed at promoting the glamour of ninjas around the world.

The lawmakers’ group will support the Japan Ninja Council, which includes municipalities with ninja links such as the city of Iga in Mie Prefecture and the city of Koka in the neighboring prefecture of Shiga. The group intends to promote ninja-related tourism and regional revitalization.

To establish the ninja brand, the group is considering popularizing ninja movies and manga as well as opening a ninja museum. Through these efforts, the group hopes to boost the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Keiji Furuya, chairman of the House of Representatives Rules and Administration Committee and head of the lawmakers’ group, told attendees at the meeting on Thursday that ninja and manga are very popular among foreigners.

“We hope to spread the amazing (ninja) culture and want people in the world to enjoy it,” he said.