70% of firms pinched by labor shortages, Finance Ministry survey says


As Japan’s economy picks up speed, 70 percent of its companies are facing labor shortages, a recent Finance Ministry survey suggests.

According to the survey results released Wednesday, 71 percent of responding companies said they feel manpower shortages and 67 percent said they experienced shortages a year earlier.

Of those that claimed shortages both times, 52.1 percent said the current situation is more serious than the previous year.

The survey covered 1,341 companies between late November and January.

Asked what type of worker is in the shortest supply, 64.6 percent said they needed more regular staff and 87.8 percent of those seeking nonregular staff said sales personnel and field workers, including at factories and construction sites.

Meanwhile, 84 percent said they will strengthen recruitment efforts, with 13.8 percent willing to take on more women and elderly.