Nearly 1,300 live in makeshift housing six months after Kyushu deluge


Nearly 1,300 people are still living in makeshift housing facilities in northern areas of the Kyushu region six months after heavy rains — beginning on July 5 — caused massive floods and landslides and left 40 people dead and two missing.

The disaster affected 2,502 buildings in Fukuoka Prefecture, with 274 destroyed, while 1,991 were damaged in the neighboring prefecture of Oita.

As of Thursday, 1,108 people from 449 families in Fukuoka and 186 people from 71 families in Oita were living in temporary housing.

Damage from the disaster, which includes roads and the farming sector, totaled about ¥194.1 billion in Fukuoka and ¥28.9 billion in Oita.

Kyushu Railway Co.’s Hitahikosan Line, which connects the two prefectures, remains partially out of service due to damage to a bridge and other sections. It remains uncertain when the local line will fully reopen, while costs for the recovery work are estimated at ¥7 billion, according to the company.