Wakayama air bag rupture being probed, Nissan says


A crash in Wakayama in July involving a Takata Corp. air bag that ruptured and released metal fragments is being investigated, the automaker said Wednesday.

The one-car collision left a woman in the front passenger seat with a cut near her forehead that required three stitches. Police are investigating whether her injury was caused by an abnormal rupturing of the air bag.

The case marks Japan’s third crash-triggered air bag rupture in a Nissan Motor Co. vehicle and the second leading to injury.

The car involved in the July 23 accident was a Fuga sedan made in 2006. It was among the vehicles subjected to a recall to fix defective front-passenger air bags.

According to Nissan, the automaker sent three letters to the car’s owner with a recall notice but the defect had not been fixed.

Nissan said it will make further attempts to notify vehicle owners who have yet to respond to recall notices.