The Mie Prefectural Police arrested a truck driver from Iga on Thursday on suspicion of threatening a delivery firm employee with a chain saw.

The police said Kazuki Hasegawa, 27, posted a YouTube video of him threatening an employee at Yamato Transport Co.'s delivery center in Iga and has admitted to the charges.

Hasegawa reportedly threatened the 53-year-old part-timer at around 5:45 a.m. on Dec. 3., idling a chain saw and shouting loudly, "Hey, hurry up and get my package."

Hasegawa reportedly told the police he got into a quarrel with his father because the father had turned away a Yamato employee who was delivering a product he ordered online. The suspect was not at home when delivery was made.

He reportedly said he thought of getting venting of his ire by posting a dangerous performance on YouTube and took the chain saw from home.

The police began investigating the incident after receiving a complaint from a Yamato Transport employee.